Top 10 property types to start building your Monaco portfolio

Monaco’s unique position in the world’s luxury real estate market makes it a top destination for affluent business owners, families and individuals that want a place in a special part of the world. 

With its varied architecture and uniquely designed apartments, Monaco has among the most prestigious properties available, and the competition can be fierce among the top 1% to get a foothold in the region. 

We explore the top 10 property types that could be your gateway to this prestigious principality:

  1. Luxe Studios and One-Bedroom Apartments: For the jet-setting professional or the couple seeking a pied-à-terre in Monaco, compact studios and one-bedroom apartments offer a sophisticated foothold, boasting high-end finishes, concierge services, and proximity to the heart of the action. While square footage might be limited, the access to high-society living is undeniable.
  2. Spacious Family Apartments: Monaco isn’t just for glamorous singletons. Family-oriented apartments with two or three bedrooms are available, particularly in all residential districts. These abodes prioritise comfort with larger living areas, balconies, and sometimes even access to gardens or pools, perfect for those seeking a permanent residence in Monaco.
  3. Spectacular Seafront Apartments: For those who crave panoramic Mediterranean views, seafront apartments are the ultimate trophy property. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of waves and stepping onto your balcony to breathe in the salty air – that’s the daily reality with a seafront residence. 
  4. Penthouses with Private Rooftop Terraces: The pinnacle of luxury living in Monaco is the exclusive selection of penthouses offering expansive living areas, breathtaking views, and the pièce de résistance – a private rooftop terrace. Imagine hosting soirees under the starlit sky with the entire principality as your backdrop
  5. Elegant Bourgeois Apartments: Monaco boasts a rich architectural heritage of bourgeois residences exuding a timeless charm. Often situated centrally, they provide a unique opportunity to live within the heart of the principality’s cultural district like La Condamine or the legendary “Le Rocher” (The Rock), as well as the Monte-Carlo district.
  6. Chic Apartments in Prestigious Buildings: Monaco’s property market features an impressive collection of renowned buildings designed by celebrated architects. Residing in an apartment in a building like One Monte-Carlo isn’t just about the property itself; it’s about the prestige associated with the address. These residences come with top-tier amenities like concierge services, private on-site spas, and pools, making them ideal for those seeking an unparalleled living experience.
  7. Investment-Focused Properties: Given the high demand for sales and rental properties, driven by a constant influx of visitors, and the limited supply, due to a lack of space, property prices are driven up, making real estate investments potentially lucrative. Investing in a property in Monaco can offer residency perks as well, including the possibility of obtaining residency status in the principality. Indeed, over the years, property values have shown a consistent appreciation trend, offering investors the potential for long-term capital gains.
  8. Commercial Properties in Prime Locations: For entrepreneurs, acquiring commercial properties in Monaco presents an exciting opportunity. Prime locations districts offer high foot traffic and a chance to establish a business amidst a clientele with significant purchasing power. Restaurants, high-end boutiques, and art galleries are just some of the ventures that could thrive in such a setting.
  9. Office Space in High-Rise Buildings: Monaco offers a selection of office spaces – sophisticated environments providing tenants, who seek to establish their businesses in the principality, prestigious addresses.
  10. 10.Serviced Apartments: Monaco has a limited supply of fully furnished apartments with hotel-like amenities, offering ready-to-move-in accommodation. Many of these luxury flats benefit from exclusive access to hotel pools and fitness centers, as well as concierge services and valet parking.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a globe-trotting professional, or a family seeking a permanent residence, Monaco’s certainly got a lot to offer. You can discover our latest listings and explore some of the new property developments to get a feel for the type of properties you can live in.