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We invite you to discover a wide range of property for sale in Monaco with Caroline Olds Real Estate. Please refine your search using the filters below and for more information about buying a property in Monaco please contact Caroline Olds Real Estate directly.

As a leading real estate agent in Monaco, we strive to find the highest-quality property for sale that best suits your needs, whether it includes a beautiful sea view, an infinity swimming pool or a sprawling living area. Indeed, we won’t stop until we find the property of your dreams. Of course, as a trend setter in the Monaco luxury home sales market, we have an unparalleled list of incredible homes on the market at any given time. However, our philosophy is based on a comprehensive service approach.  We collaborate with other agencies in Monaco to ensure that our applicants and clients are offered the best selection possible, even if our own listings don’t offer the perfect property for you, we will still find the home of your dreams. 

The Caroline Olds Real Estate agency has very good relationships in Monaco and we use these special relationships to find the property that best suits the needs of our clients. We work with other trusted real estate agents, notaries, lawyers, and bankers. There are many other sources that we can reach out to in an effort to secure the property of your dreams. Perhaps more importantly to you, the buyer, we simplify the buying process. At Caroline Olds Real Estate, all of our real estate agents work tirelessly. We strive to meet the needs of Monaco real estate buyers and sellers time and time again. In this way, our team has won the trust and respect of the local real estate market and our clients.

Let’s take a moment to explore our streamlined process. 

  • We receive enquiries through our website, phone calls, emails, or walk-ins.
  • We create a portfolio based on your preferences and specifications.
  • We conduct client meetings and arrange property visits.
  • We negotiate and countersign offers.
  • We draw up purchase proposals or a rental contract.
  • We provide support for your relocation to Monaco, if necessary.
  • You move into your new home and enjoy what Monaco has to offer.
  • With the help of our respected and experienced team, owning property is that simple
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