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Why rent in Monaco?

Monaco has long been known as a playground for the rich and famous. But that simplistic evaluation overlooks the fact that the Principality is one of the oldest extant states in the world, with more than 700 years of history and a unique culture that values self-sustainability, common sense and hard work. If you are looking for property to rent in Monaco be prepared to take your place in a real community.

Monaco: The Fine Art of Fine Living

The Monegasque lifestyle is multifaceted and sophisticated and brings together an array of benefits you won’t find in any other single location. Those benefits include:

  • Safety and security - The Principality has one of the lowest crime rates of any nation on earth. People of all ages will find Monaco a safe and secure place to live.
  • A favourable tax code - Many countries view the affluent as an endless source of public revenue. In Monaco, we believe that your money is best left in your hands.
  • The sporting life - Monaco plays host to numerous world-class sporting events every year. Primary among them of course is the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • A moderate climate - The presence of the Mediterranean discourages temperature extremes.
  • Sophisticated nightlife - From the Casino de Monte Carlo to the Salle Garnier, Michelin-starred restaurants and more Monaco’s nightlife is designed for discerning adults.

A rental property in Monaco is more than a place to hang your hat. It’s your ticket to a higher standard of living in one of the last vestiges of High European culture.

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Regardless of your motive for seeking property to rent in Monaco you can trust Caroline Olds Real Estate to find one that suits your needs and dovetails with your sensibilities. Whether you are in the market for an apartment, a penthouse or a house, we have what you are looking for.

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