Le Stella

La Condamine, Monaco

Since its completion in August 2018, Le Stella continues to bring a creative touch to the heart of La Condamine — Monaco’s historical district and shopping area. This luxury property is the ideal home for individuals or families searching for modern living spaces.


This development consists of 99 apartments and two villas, two floors for parking spaces and office and retail spaces. The successful design of ‘Le Simona’ inspired the design of all the apartments within the residence. As a result, the majority of the apartments are duplexes, each with a modern architectural style.

Each apartment has bedrooms located on the upper floor over the lounge. Nearby are the terrace-loggias, which keep living spaces protected and comfortable.

Two of Le Stella’s villas (which come with a sauna, garden patios and a private cinema) cap off the project harmoniously.


Le Stella’s charm lies in its distinctive architecture. This urban development project combines cutting-edge design with lines of creativity. The residential property’s pleasant and functional living spaces are the reflection of the developers’ vision of futuristic living. Its great force lies in the combination of two different design styles: a lively concrete façade set over the base and envelopes all the apartments, and a glazed base accommodating schools and offices.

Le Stella’s architecture is an airy and light graphics feature. The façade’s apertures and curves display a fresher perspective for both residents and passers-by. Its elevation emphasizes the concept of curved facades with spacious loggias complementing the view, as well as letting more of the natural light and airflow in.

Live in elegance in the heart of La Condamine, Monaco. Say hello to your new home at Le Stella. Browse through our listings or get in touch with us today for more information.