Port Hercules

Monaco’s main port, site of world’s biggest yacht shows

What makes Port Hercules one of the most exciting locations in the French Mediterranean? Port Hercules is the main port in the Principality and home to the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show. These major international sporting events are based in this dynamic district, which includes Monaco’s only deep-water port.

Located in the La Condamine district, Port Hercules has been known for thousands of years. The Greeks attributed its name to the mythological hero, and the Roman poet Virgil referred to it in one of his Latin epics. The modern port, however, has been functional since 1926. It provides anchorage for a maximum of 700 vessels and hosts the annual Fair de Monaco which runs from October to November.


If you are looking for a life of luxury and adventure, Port Hercules might just be the place for you. Its buildings offer magnificent views of the bustling port and the sparkling sea and also give you a view of the iconic F1 track. The commercial area is just as busy with its charming shops, bars and restaurants. Don’t think twice about investing in Monaco real estate. The Principality has a unique property market where the global demand for a limited supply of affluent real estate is always high. Your new home or commercial space near Port Hercules will be one of your prime assets.


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