Fontvieille's oceanfront location makes it a sought-after real estate area. Apart from Les Terrasses du Port, the Memmo Center is another one of the most prominent buildings in the neighbourhood.

Built in 2004, this 14-storey structure now hosts 86 luxury housing units with an average surface area of 200 m². Cars also have a home here in the building's 188 parking spaces. Six private terraced pools, a 24/7 concierge service and proximity to Fontvieille’s lively outdoor lifestyle make the Memmo Center one of the best residences in Monaco.

Why Live in Memmo Center?

A luxurious two-bedroom apartment with an interior of 120 sq. m. and a 41 sq. m. terrace, a cellar and two parking spaces, is amongst one of the luxury units that await you at the Memmo Center. Located at 4 Avenue des Guelfes, the Memmo Center offers panoramic views of the ocean and is only a few steps away from the Cap d'Ail marina.

From the Memmo, restaurants, bars, parks and the Monaco Heliport are a stone's throw away. Look out to the lush trees and the ocean from your window every morning, lace up your shoes and run on the nearby beach.

The hustle and bustle of the town is right around the corner, but at Fontvieille, you can take a breather from all that. Whether you do that inside the luxurious Memmo Center apartments or in other residential and commercial properties in the area, Caroline Olds Real Estate can help you decide.

More About Fontvieille

The total area of the Principality of Monaco is less than 1 square mile, which is smaller than New York’s Central Park. As you can imagine this means there is precious little room for new buildings. This fact has not deterred the Monaco government who have been steadfast in their resolve to keep up with other international cities and build luxurious housing developments, including reclaiming land from the sea and putting it to productive use.

One of the shining examples of this visionary strategy is Fontvieille, home of the Memmo Center. Fontvieille is an 82 acre (33 ha) area at the far western end of Monaco comprised almost exclusively of reclaimed land. Fontvieille boasts its own port just minutes from Port Hercule as well as the largest concentration of newly built luxury residences in the Principality.

The job of reclaiming land from the sea is a painstaking, time-consuming process under the best of circumstances. In the case of Fontvieille, preliminary work began in 1966 under the guidance of renowned Italian engineer Gianfranco Gilardini. By 1981 work had progressed to the point that Crown Prince Albert (now Albert II, Prince of Monaco), was able to lay the cornerstone designating the city’s newest quarter.

Fontvieille Today

Fontvieille today is a splendid example of land reclamation and development that has been done properly. It is one of the most sought-after locations in Monaco due to its ideal seaside location and the fact that the residences here, including the Memmo Center, boast every modern convenience and high-end amenity.

At the centre of Fontvieille is the Princess Grace Rose Garden which provides sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the Monaco waterfront. Fontvieille is also home to Stade Louis II, home to AS Monaco FC, a highly successful member of the French National League.

In addition, Fontvieille boasts the Salle Gaston Médecin, the Monaco Automobile Museum, the Monaco Heliport and is home to the ROKit Venturi Formula E racing team.

Neighbourhood Fontvieille
Type High standing
Distinctive Feature Panoramic views
Concierge Yes
Parking Yes

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