With every rental request, we conduct a thorough market search, including own our listings and search relentlessly until we have found the perfect property for you.

Once we have the perfect match and your property is found, we prepare a rental offer for the property, with the terms of the rental as follows:

Duration of the lease Usually between 1 to 3 years
Monthly rental As agreed/proposed
Monthly service charges As agreed/proposed (maximum 10% of the monthly rent)
Payment terms Quarterly in advance
Rental deposit 3 to 4 months of rental value
Service charges deposit 3 to 4 months of service charge value
Lease registration fee 1% of the annual rental plus service charges
Administrative stamps Approx. 10€
Agency Fees 10% of the first annual rental plus 20 % VAT
Documents required Passport or ID card or current Monaco Residency Card statement from a Monaco bank and company registration documents

Required upon signature of the rental offer: Rental and service charge deposit as well as the agency fees.

Required before signature of the lease: 3-4 months rent and 3-4 months service charges paid in advance, lease registration fee, administrative stamps, inventory cost (if bailiff is required, the costs are covered either by the tenant or shared with the owner).

The terms and conditions for renting a property in Monaco are standardised and regulated by the Chambre Immobiliere de Monaco (Monaco Chamber of Real Estate).

Once a rental offer has been accepted, we will arrange to have the utilities connected and transferred, insurance cover put in place, register the lease and arrange for a schedule of condition to be carried out and the handover of the keys.