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Located along Boulevard Albert 1er, Shangri-La is at the centre of the picturesque harbour area. This apartment building gives residents panoramic views of the port and its surrounding landscape. As a popular hub for locals and visitors, the area is ideal for anyone looking for fun and entertainment during their stay in Monaco.

Shangri-La: Monaco’s Elite Address

Shangri-La is a modern 13-storey waterfront development that has gained popularity for its views of the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. During the much-anticipated event, the terrace suites are open for VIP guests. As a resident, you get this privilege from the comfort of your apartment.

During the off-season, you still have a wide selection of activities to attend and places to visit. The luxury residence is within the vicinity of Monte-Carlo’s popular restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Explore the Palais du Prince. Constructed in the late 1100s, the palace is open to the public for tours. Unwind at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo spa. The hotel has a “couples experience” for a romantic and relaxing date night. If you want to spend the day indoors, Shangri-La has the amenities you can expect from any luxury residence. From a full-service concierge to a high-end security system, Shangri-La ensures that you feel comfortable and safe in your new home.

About Port Hercules

Local myth asserts that some 3,000 years ago the demigod Hercules helped construct the road between northern Italy and Northern Spain that runs through what is now Monaco. In honour of the accomplishment, Greek colonists in the area founded the colony of Monoikos (later, Monaco) and named the port after the mythical hero.

For centuries that ancient road (which passed through the area not far from Shangri La) featured numerous altars to Hercules, and it is said that for a time there was a temple to him atop the rock of Monaco just west of the port where the Prince’s Palace now stands.

The Romans controlled the area that is now the Principality of Monaco for some 500 years following the Gallic Wars. In the first century BC, the Roman poet Virgil mentions Monoikos (by then called “Monoecus”) in his epic poem the “Aeneid”, referring to it as “That castled cliff, Monoecus, by the sea.”

The modern Port Hercules has evolved in stages over the past 100 years. Most of the current port was constructed in the mid-1920s then underwent significant upgrades 50 years later. In 2003 modifications were completed that allowed for the docking of cruise ships. And further renovations took place in 2011 when the old fixed piers were replaced by concrete pontoons.

Port Hercules earned a place in the popular imagination beginning in 1956 when Prince Rainier III and his bride, the actress Grace Kelly, set off on their honeymoon from the port to much media fanfare. In the early 1990s, the port provided the backdrop for an extensive scene in the James Bond movie “Goldeneye”. The port also hosts the annual La Foire de Monaco in the fall.

Property in La Condamine

Monaco attracts the affluent from all over the world, drawn by its natural splendour, its historic pedigree and the Principality’s agreeable tax policies. Many wish to settle either temporarily or permanently in La Condamine, so competition for apartments in the district is intense.

Units in Shangri-La are in particularly high demand, what with its breath-taking view of Port Hercules and its central location just minutes from the  Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Salle Garnier and countless other attractions. If you are to secure a unit in Shangri-La you will need an estate agent that understands the market and who cultivates an extensive network of connections throughout the Principality.

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TypeHigh standing
Distinctive FeatureFormula 1, port, sea views