Le Michelangelo

Fontvieille, Monaco

Move to Le Michelangelo with Caroline Olds Real Estate

Completed in the early 80s, Le Michelangelo is a stunning apartment building that has weathered the years with grace and aplomb. With six residential floors, it is ideal for anyone who wants to live in Monaco. Located in Fontvielle Village, Le Michelangelo is one of the few residences that offer the best of land, sea, and air travel.

Its location gives you unlimited access to the whole of Monaco.
Its proximity to the marina lets you explore the Mediterranean Sea and French Riviera any time on your yacht.
It is within close proximity to the Monaco Heliport as well.

Aside from its splendid location, Le Michelangelo provides residents with different amenities that would make their stay more comfortable.

The building has a security system in place throughout the day and night.
It has an indoor parking garage equipped with video surveillance.
The windows are double-glazed to improve the internal climate control.
Air conditioning and central heating systems have been installed in all apartment units and two fully functioning lifts operate 24/7.

Finding Your Home with Caroline Olds Real Estate

When you decide to relocate to Monaco, give Caroline Olds Real Estate a call. We are a team that have a lot of experience right here in the Principality. Our tenure here has given us access to exclusive property listings, including Le Michelangelo. Move into this beautiful building with ease when you choose us.

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Distinctive FeatureUnique style and Mediterranean atmosphere