Franzido Palace

Moneghetti, Monaco

Rising from the heart of Moneghetti at 15, boulevard du Jardin Exotique, Franzido Palace embodies a captivating story of heritage and modern evolution. Built around 1925, it stood for years as a proud four-storey residence, a testament to the architectural style of the era.

However, Franzido Palace wasn’t content to remain static. A visionary expansion project imbued the building with a new chapter. Four additional floors were meticulously added, their design echoing the traditional elegance of the original structure yet infused with a sleeker, modern aesthetic. This expansion wasn’t a jarring addition, but rather a thoughtful homage, ensuring the building’s heritage remained woven into its very fabric.

Today, Franzido Palace stands at eight floors, a unique blend of timeless character and contemporary comfort. It’s a residence that whispers tales of the past while offering the very best in modern living.

Distinctive FeaturePrivate gated driveway