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Procedural Advice To Our Clients - Rental Guide

Renting an apartment in Monaco

We conduct a thorough search of our own listing and across all agencies at the start of a new enquiry and keep searching until we have found the perfect apartment for you.

The next step is for us to prepare a rental offer for the apartment, with the terms of the rental proposed as follows:

  • Term: Usually between 1 & 3 years

  • Start date: Usually as soon as possible

  • Monthly rental: As agreed/proposed

  • Monthly service charges: As agreed/proposed

  • Payment terms: Usually quarterly in advance

  • Rental deposit: 3/4 months

  • Service charges deposit: 3/4 months

  • Lease registration fee: 1% of the annual rental plus service charges

  • Agency Fees: 10% of the annual rental plus 20 % VAT

  • Documents required: Passport or ID card and a Monaco bank account

Once a rental offer has been accepted, we will arrange to have the utilities connected and transferred, register the lease and arrange for a schedule of condition and the handover of the keys. Once the lease has been registered (usually 1-2 weeks), it is possible to apply for a resident’s card.


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